MODEVAR workshop
Monday September 6, 2021
12:00m Opening and welcome notes
     – Research Sessions –
12:15pm Kevin Feichtinger and Rick Rabiser.
How flexible must a Transformation Approach for Variability Models and Custom Variability Representations be?
12:45pm Chico Sundermann, Tobias Heß, Dominik Engelhardt, Rahel Arens, Johannes Herschel, Kevin Jedelhauser, Benedikt Jutz, Sebastian Krieter and Ina Schaefer.
Integration of UVL in FeatureIDE.
13:15pm David Romero, José Ángel Galindo, José Miguel Horcas and David Benavides.
A first prototype of a new repository for feature model exchange and knowledge sharing
13:45pm Break
14:00pm Keynote: Jordi Cabot.
How to sustain a tool building community-driven effort. Experiences from the modeling trenches
15:00pm Break
     – MODEVAR Industry Sessions –
15:30pm Invited Talk: Danilo Beuche.
Product Line Engineering and Standardization: Mission Accomplished?
16:00pm Hao Xu, Souheib Baarir, Tewfik Ziadi, Lom Messan Hillah, Siham Essodaigui and Yves Bossu.
Optimisation for the Product Configuration System of Renault: Towards an Integration of Symmetries.
16:30pm Break
16:45pm Discussions on Future Work
17:45pm Closing